Last updated: 2017-03-06

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Load Data

The following reads in the data, and converts longitudes >180 to corresponding negative longitudes (this avoids warnings in geosphere package later)

ccr5 = read.table("../data/CCR5/CCR5.freq.txt",header=TRUE)
ccr5[,1] = ifelse(ccr5[,1]>180,ccr5[,1]-360,ccr5[,1]) # changes longitudes>180 to negative

Compute pairwise distances

This can be done using the geosphere package. Dividing by 1000 gives distance in km.

geo.dist = geosphere::distm(ccr5[,1:2])/1000

Deal with 0 counts

Some of the frequency estimates are 0. I deal with this by first working out the original counts (frequency * samplesize *2), and then adding a pseudocount to each allele before recomputing frequencies. The resulting column “fhat” can be transformed by log(fhat/(1-fhat)) to be something that is not entirely non-normal…

ccr5$count = round(ccr5$Freq* ccr5$SampleSize * 2)
ccr5$fhat = (ccr5$count+1)/(ccr5$SampleSize*2+2)
ccr5$Z = log(ccr5$fhat/(1-ccr5$fhat))

Similarity of allele frequency with distance?

Here we take a quick look to check that Z has some kind of spatial trend.


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